Targeted to Membership Club and other community based management

e-Club is easily one of the most powerful solutions in the market and growing. It is simply everything you need to manage your membership club.

Designed to be one of the easiest modules to use, our membership portal contains detailed information about your member, guest or prospect. Designed through a very strong user feedback and with substantial experience in this industry, e-Club allows you to provide granular control on almost all aspects of the application.

Some of the impressively easy to use features:

  • Comprehensive Membership details with user definable fields
  • Multiple Address can be maintained in guest or member profile
  • Member/Guest specific interest’s details can be granularly tracked. Member’s preferences can be tracked across the complete gamut of operations
  • You can set up automatic triggers for birthdays and important dates
  • Member / Guest photograph can be stored on file and can be configured to pop up when a member call comes in or when cashiering at a POS.
  • Unlimited file attachments per profile.
  • Simple window style drag and drop and Cut & Paste
  • Detailed guest information like guest spending history –
  • F&B / Retail / Other / Activities, it can even take your current data from other systems and import it into e-Club.
  • Tracking of Current & Future Activity Appointments/Schedules everywhere across your property
  • Vouchers, prepayment, gift certificates can effortlessly be tracked for members
  • Member / Guest can have unlimited subsidiary accounts with the ability to granularly control individual spending/usage of facilities or subset of any facilities/credit limits.
  • Ability to link profiles to other guest profiles – e-Club is able to track who are your members’ friends, family and guests.
  • Full Audit trail on changes

AR: Accounts Receivable & Sophisticated member/guest tracking

e-Club possibly has the most powerful Accounts Receivable module produced for membership. e-Club can handle any number and variety of subscriptions, deposits, debentures, and other sophisticated rules you may have.

Membership and Member Guest rules are implementable at all “touch points” with e-Club. You have the ability to define relationships between members and/or member guests. Users can define any number of relationships and relationship types. Subsidiary members can be configured to be able to use credit limits / spending / vouchers / prepayments of parent members. This can also be controlled at a very granular level. Members spending patterns, information on likes and dislikes can be provided at any and all touch points (given, of course, that the user is authorised to see it).

Have a close look at us, we only built solutions that look toward the future, and genuinely meet and exceed your expectations….