Experienced Teams

Our solutions were built based on being in the shoes as a customer before. Prior to embarking on our solutions business, most of our senior team were working at one time or another as a customer, in senior positions and fully understand your pains and expectations.

Know that when you need additional help or support, you have our support team available minutes away from you. There is always someone who will take the extra effort to make sure that solutions are found.

Take comfort in knowing that we built everything from scratch listening to our customers, incorporating the latest technology ideas and have the flexibility to enhance it to suit your requirements. Feel secure in knowing that we have tremendous experience in hospitality and leisure activities worldwide and our solution is not only a promise of security, it is the future proofed design based on years of operational, strategic and technical knowledge that is unsurpassed in this industry.

Ask our current customers and learn why we are your proven reliable and committed partner.

Enabling Trust

Our team begins by listening to you to understand your requirements. This training will be structured to ensure that your operational and management teams get proper knowledge transfer.

We will make it simple for your teams to understand and the way to use the product start from day one. We understand that Listening and understanding is more important than just providing a service. Our team members empathize and understand all aspects of your business – as most of our team members were in your shoes before…

Training Strategy

Building a relationship based on trust from ground up

We believe that most important aspect of any solution is to ensure proper communications and adequate training. This gives all users an optimal understanding of the processes and the correct use of tools to achieve the best possible outcome for the company and for your guests.

The Paradigm Shift team has grown over the years in order to ensure that we are always available to help your team maximize the potential of the solutions that we provide. Our team likely has the greatest level of practical and technical experience in the Asian leisure software industry. All of our team members at some stage in their professional career have been trainees and users of competitive systems. This has allowed them to fully understand what users are going through.

We do not think of training as a 9 to 5 chore, instead our focus is to ensure that users always have an open line to us. Our trainers don’t do training by the watch, instead we have a genuine focus in ensuring that you as the customer can really use our solution to its maximum potential.

We implore you to ask questions of our training team and we will always have time for you and commit to you that we will listen to your team. If there is indeed a way we can change or enhance what we do for your success, we will do it.

Ultimately, everything we do will be to ensure that you succeed, and that we grow through your success.

We believe there is no better marketing than a contented customer. We are looking at each and every one of our customers to be examples of a successful team.

Our simple motto is to listen to you to give the best that we can give.

As a holder of a current maintenance contract, you will be entitled to support and general best practices advice. We will go further and also listen to you request for enhancements and ensure that your requests are added to our development plan and included into an updated version in the shortest time-frame.

Bottom line, our team has the strongest members in the field of leisure with substantial experience technically, operationally and strategically. Most importantly on a human level… and we will be there for you, come rain, hail or shine.

In the final analysis, the most important aspect of our relationship is you…

Our goal is to cultivate our relationships with you to bring both you and us to a leadership position simply through an unbeatable partnership.