Point of Sales – Customer-Centric Solutions

Most of our Spa & Golf customers, almost always have at least one retail store to provide their members and guests with accessibility to  products.

We can provide you with a complete solution which includes a Point of Sales Device, Cash Drawer, Thermal Printer, Bar Code Scanner and Magnetic Swipe card scanner and of course, if you like, RFID card and bio-metric support. All this would be provided as a totally integrated solution.

Our e-POS retail has functionality that supports member and guest recognition at the contact point and transparently integrates to any part of your operations. Guests at the spa, would be able to purchase items immediately at any location and guests at the golf pro shop would be able to not only purchase their golf items but also make additional reservation or tee-time changes in real-time. Essentially, we provide a completely integrated solution for your customer. We have a full retain inventory management solution built into our Point of Sale solution which will support the full workflow from ordering to depletion.

All our solutions create a personal relationship with your members and guests. Members are immediately identified with detailed information to ensure proactive member service. Members itinerary information is also available in real-time, for example, if a member or guest walks into the golf club pro shop and has a Table Reserved for dinner, you will be able to confirm that immediately by looking at their itinerary or even tell them the time of their subsequent spa reservation in case they have forgotten.

Our Food and Beverage POS solution is designed for table service restaurants, predominantly suited to golf club restaurants or members clubs where there are one or many restaurants across the location. We also integrate strongly with Micros POS solutions which cater for more sophisticated restaurant requirements, including quick service and other restaurant POS.

Support for hand-held devices for order taking is also part of our solution offering – please feel free to contact our team if you have any specific requirements.