We know we have to earn your business every day!

We were in your shoes before

Most of our team have at one time or another worked as a customer previously. Our team have in-depth understanding of the hospitality industry.

We are proud in our success in replacing incumbent software that were known to be world leading at many blue-chip and integrated resort sites.

Pride in the products we have created

All our products have been produced with the experience of being in your shoes. All our products are created with a passion to succeed, with a promise to make life easier for you and all your team members, regardless of where you stand in the hierarchy.

If you are at the top executive, we have created reports that give you strategic insights into the health of your company. If you are supporting operational management, we have the tools to ensure that you have the fullest support through world leading tools and modules that you have at your disposal. If you are customer facing user, we have made the use of this product simple and easy to use. Just like any other Microsoft Office product, almost everything is laid out in an easy to use fashion.

Our Goals

  • To make your life easier & simpler
  • To increase your revenues
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce your running costs

Legal Standing

Paradigm Shift Japan, affiliates or subsidiaries is not or does not have:

  • At any time or currently being investigated by any governmental agency.
  • At any time or currently in litigation with any organization regarding fulfillment of contractual obligations, performance, or copyright and patent infringement.
  • Real or potential conflicts of interest which would prevent us or affiliated organisations from acting in the best interests of our customers.