Staying in Touch with your Member and Guests

e-Leisure provides the same high-level Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools as handled by many expensive CRM systems employed by multi-national sites. Allowing you to identify your customers and create a one to one relationships with your customers, you will automatically you’re your customers preferences, medical requirements, facility usage and purchasing habit. Maintaining significant client details, the system allows you to better manage and target marketing campaigns. — “Everything is connected transparently”


A easy to see and use dashboard on your members with sophistication and power that is found in large scale and exorbitantly expensive corporate OLAP tools.

Know immediately, at a glance, your members usage of facilities: meals at different restaurants, equipment rental, treatments taken at the spa, any activity or classes they enrolled for, any classes they missed and made up, no. of visits, total spending in each of the areas and much more. These are available, on the fly, to persons who are authorised to view this, of course.

See your members spending across the whole enterprise. The functionality provided on this screen are even more powerful when you see the filtering abilities built in. Use it once and you will wonder how you did without it before.

Impressing your members at the contact point

e-FrontDesk is a touch point guest management module that integrates robustly with e-Club. Track member and guest visitations with a Check-in/Check-out function. Create rules to implement a very sophisticated and flexible restriction handling for members and their guests.

For larger club premises, it has the ability to track Member/Guest and or visitor location within the premises. It also shares the e-Club full function POS module and integrates with other third Party POS solutions in the market. For multi-property or multi-revenue centre operations, it works transparently to support centralised databases and central billing.