Privacy Policy

Paradigm Shift Japan KK and any related companies overseas, respects and protects your rights to privacy and utilizes the following practices in regards to any information (hereafter referred to as “Personal Information/Personal Data”) we are provided or obtain concerning users of this website. This policy is effective for the website “” on the Internet, and other websites and pages that are designated as “Official Paradigm Shift Websites”. In order to provide you with quality service, we may require you to provide certain personal information to us. Information collected through the Official Paradigm Shift Website will be handled under strict control. The stipulations found on this page pertain to the basic privacy policy regarding information gained through the Official Paradigm Shift Website. Certain areas may bear postscripts with additional information on privacy statements.

Contacting Us About Privacy

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following:
Customer Privacy Support Paradigm Shift Japan KK Telephone Number: +81 (0)3 3553 0812
Operating Hours: 9:00~17:00 on weekdays

What Information We Collect

Paradigm Shift is committed to your privacy. We utilize your personal data to create and enhance your customer relationship with us. Information collected on the Official Paradigm Shift Website for service purposes include visit and general entered information, transmission of mail brochures, customer surveys and information on special product campaigns. When you access to our official website, the IP address, browser information, date, the information collected by the cookie residing on your browser, and the record of how many times you have visited our website will be automatically recorded. Personal information will be collected in accordance with procedures complying with the related governing laws.

How We Utilize the Information

Paradigm Shift fully respects your privacy and collects information with clear delivery of utilization purposes and information on the extent to which your data will be collected. Accurate and up-dated information will be recorded to provide you with the best service possible.

Information Sharing

Paradigm Shift will not share any personal data acquired through the website with a Third Party, other than for the following reasons:

  • When we have your permission.
  • When, in compliance with Article 23-2 of the Privacy Protection Act, we need to disclose your personal data to a Third Party in order to meet your requests to remove your information from the system.
  • When we are obliged to cooperate with law enforcement authorities.
  • When the situation calls for emergency measures (when life, health or property and possessions are endangered), and when it is not possible to obtain your consent in advance.
  • When issues related to public health, and child welfare & development are concerned, and it is not possible to obtain your consent in advance.
  • When we need to comply with requests from national institutions and/or local public organizations or third parties who have been entrusted with law-related operations, and when it is not possible to obtain your consent in advance.
Utilization of Information Collected for Customer Portal Members

Customers with a current maintenance contract will have a username and password provided by us and a website which can be visited by individual sites to get updates, information and general reports on enhancements and upgrades. Personal data collected from Customer Portal Members is utilized for the following purposes:

  • Collection and management of personal data to facilitate investigation and/or ascertainment of issues and or enhancement requests.
  • Delivery of information related to promotional offers provided from the entire Paradigm Shift group.
  • Utilization of information for product development and marketing activities for all Paradigm Shift group.
  • All above-mentioned utilization purposes apply to requests from other Paradigm Shift ?group entities pertaining to Customer Portal Member information.

Shared personal data is as follows:
Basic Means of contact: Name, E-mail Address, Mailing Address, Telephone Number, Occupation and Company
Additional Information: Information regarding system emergency contact details, if applicable and remote access information stored in an encrypted secure fashion on our database.


This site has the security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse and alteration of the information under our control. We endeavor to use the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption system when collecting and transferring confidential personal data. When collection of personal data is entrusted to a third party, we ensure that all information is handled with appropriate safety control measures. However, the contact us page uses standard unencrypted HTTP requests for initial contact.

Explaining Cookies

The cookie is a small text that resides on your hard drive in order to facilitate retrieval of stored information on your browser. The cookie resides on your browser for a limited span of time. It is necessary for the Official Paradigm Shift Website to utilize a cookie for certain services within our site such as:

  • When some date input from the user is necessary.
  • When there is a need to analyze the number of user visits.
  • When there is a need to recognize previous information approved by the user.
  • When there is a requirement to store and retrieve past records of utilization of our official website.
  • Links to Other Websites (Direct/Indirect or implied).

The sites, to which we link, including but not limited to the sites of subsidiaries and third party content providers, may have different privacy policies and practices from those disclosed here. We assume absolutely no responsibility for the policies and practices of linked sites and ask you to utilize them at your discretion.

Compliance with the Governing Laws

All officers and staff of Paradigm Shift handle the information gathered in full compliance with the governing Privacy Protection Act and in alignment with the Privacy Policy stated here.

Alteration of Information

When requested, Paradigm Shift will execute the necessary changes and alterations to the collected information, after having confirmed the agreement of the concerned individual. If you are the member of our Customer Portal, we will endeavor to provide you full secure access to change your details and preferences using a standard web browser.

Changes to the Official Website Online Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time without notice. We will undertake to notify users of the existence and location of the new or revised Privacy Policy. This is likely to reside within the same area of the website.

No Relation Unless Otherwise Specified

Product names, logos, brands and other trademarks referred to within our website, media and/or collateral are the property of their respective trademark holders. These trademark holders are not affiliated with us as partners and nothing in this media/website and/or collateral creates a relationship of employer and employee, sponsor, endorser, principal and agent or partnership between parties.

Limitation of Liability

Neither Paradigm Shift Japan KK, nor its employees, subsidiaries, related and affiliated companies guarantee the currency of the information provided in the website. This is due to the many enhancements and changes that are occurring in our software on an almost daily basis. Therefore, neither we, nor any of our related entities and employees assumes any liability for its content. We recommend that you contact our sales team who would be able to provide you with the most up to date information available on the status of our software and services portfolio.