Very often information systems implemented for companies really do not meet needs. With changes impacting businesses on an almost daily basis, the dichotomy between the promises of technology versus reality sometimes is so wide that technology may sometimes become counter productive. Our team can assist with hospitality feasibility study, technical, operational and strategic assessments and help in selecting systems to meet with organizational requirements.

We can provide turnkey solutions which include full due diligence and understanding of workflows within the organisation, providing recommendations and a solution which includes all aspects of the implementation. Hardware, software, training and implementation all in a single turnkey solution operation.

Infrastructure Security

Viruses, hackers, sabotage, oversight are some of the common risks that can wreak havoc on any company’s productivity and make people not only lose time, but critical data and most importantly their reputation.

Security requirements are getting more and more sophisticated with more and more hackers breaking into systems, compromising mail servers, web servers and destroying data. Most companies do not realize the cost of systems and infrastructure compromise and a large number of companies do not even realize that their systems are compromised. Most companies do not report that their systems have been infiltrated.

Our team have substantial experience in ensuring business continuity, data security, risk assessment and minimization and most importantly an understanding of the latest technology as it becomes available.

Infrastructure Design

Infrastructure redesign is a very effective way to substantially decrease risk of damage from external malicious or accidental losses. Our team can help in comprehensively redesign your network to decrease the danger of losses due to every changing threats.

Other Consulting Services

  • Contingency Planning

    Unplanned events are bound to happen, and that’s where organizations always have to have a Plan B. We have learned, in some cases the hard way, on ways how to mitigate risk when faced with such events. Through our learning we have accumulated a vast knowledge and expertise on how to run systems effectively without interruption, including mission critical retail systems where our clients cannot afford to have any downtime.

  • Project Management

    From software project management to IT infrastructure project management on a global scale, we have provided services to some of the most exclusive and prestigious clients in the world.

  • Security Assessments

    A quick penetration test or a simple review of your infrastructure, your online application or your internet connectivity. Our team can do either a quick assessment or an comprehensive assessment with a full technical and business summary and exposure report. Our team can investigate and then document and discuss the threats associated with your company’s perimeter.

  • Information Security Practices

    With an increasingly interconnected IT landscape, security breaches are not something that is outside the realm of possibility – it is a real and tangible threat which can easily, and in some cases irreperably, impact the business and repuation of an organization. Fortunately, most breaches can be avoided with the right practices in place.

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

    Business continuity and disaster recovery is one of the most important aspects to minimize losses of time, effort and costs. Our team are experts at preparing plans to help you make sure that your business can continue in the event of any calamity.

  • Network Infrastructure Planning and Implementation

    Our engineers have the experience and capability to plan and implement a network infrastructure ranging from large resort islands to small offices.