Timely Data and Immediate Analysis to Enhance Customer Relationships

Paradigm Shift works in collaboration with Challenges V in providing customer engagement solutions to improve customer relationships.

e-Engagement enables clients to:

  • Improve customer relationships
  • Measure improvement results against approved and accepted standards,
identifying specific interactions, highlighting effective and ineffective behaviors and processes
  • Optimize customer outreach efforts, incorporating customer concerns
  • Help Minimize lost customers
  • Identify service issues and improve customer experience
  • Share organization wide performance to drive accountability
  • Leverage timely and valuable customer feedback, that when acted upon appropriately, improves the quality of service, enhancing customer relationships and loyalty


  • Reduce the risk of dissatisfied customers
  • Improve customer experience  increasing  likelihood to recommend and return
  • Drive comprehensive and ongoing improvement in customer experience
  • Provide 24/7 information enabling development of steps that respond to real-time customer concerns


  • Provide access to e-Engagement Survey (in any and as many languages as desired) to all customers on day service provided including thank you letter from senior management
  • If customer does not respond by the third day after service, reminder sent
  • Deliver immediate notification to facility when customer response submitted
  • Identify areas of concern enabling facility to take immediate and appropriate corrective actions yielding ongoing service improvements
  • Customer advocate thanks customer for input, reviews reported facility shortcomings, ensures immediate follow up and inquires how the facility may be of further assistance
  • Administration identifies and implements actions to provide ongoing resolution to reported shortcomings
  • Publish real time dashboard, graphically representing customer experience available 24/7 organization wide through e-Engagement online secure portal

Successful organizations manage with immediate accurate information, not out‐of‐date data.