enhance your decision making – with our affordable business intelligence modules

Our Business Intelligence modules shows you why your business is performing the way it is. Rather than simply highlighting the turnover figures, it provides greater insight, changing simple reactive reports into one that is very much proactive.

Change your business and manage it with the same tools that multinational organisations use:

  • increase your bottom line flow through
  • increase your productivity
  • make proactive changes, speed up decision making
  • identify your key performance trends immediately
  • create transparency and visibility throughout the enterprise
These times are difficult for business owners the world over, competition is rife and sometimes business owners are so involved in the day to day affairs that they do not have time to step back to see the trends and get the information to make decisions that will increase performance, drive more business and identify where the company has potential.

Our business intelligence tools are simple to understand with key performances identified in a nice looking screen.

Let your facts speak for themselves, understand and share trends with your team, and make decisions that change lives and fortunes for you and your business – simply by looking at a few screens and understanding the overall health of your company.

Business Man with Chart Showing GrowthYou can identify what are the best sellers and what are most profitable versus the items that are least profitable. An objective view of the total picture assists everyone in accepting business decisions easier – hence making your business a whole lot easier to manage and grow.

Find out why your business is performing the way it is and how to change this immediately; for example, you know immediately what you are doing today against budget and what you need to achieve in order to achieve budgetary figures.

Our business intelligence portal can provide you real-time performances across a wide spectrum, whereas our complimenting cache of reports provide you with management information that is really game changing.


  • Immediate access to demographics in real-time
  • Demand analysis – top selling treatments, top therapists, most profitable treatments etc.
  • KPI identification : revenue, expense and profitability tracking
  • Improved performance metric tracking of employee utilisation
  • Greater accountability and faster response times

Have a look at what we can do for you, we are sure you will be impressed.