All our solutions are based on the Microsoft Platform. We use the latest technologies from Dot Net Framework 4 & 4.5, Silverlight, ASP dot net, MVC and other emerging technologies.

We are supported by a very strong team of Microsoft experts and have a strong intrinsic knowledge of business workflows by virtue of being in the actual operations and being in strategic positions within hospitality organisations.

We gather all this information from our own collective experience and then talk with our customers and partners to understand new and emerging needs as they change. All this to provide a solution that ensures that our customers are ahead of the curve and their customers have the easiest and most convenient way to return time and again.

We also support the Apple iPhone & iPad (minimum iOS 5) and the Android Tablet and Smartphone solutions (minimum Android 4.0).

We Welcome Your Input

Creativity & Initiative

Our approach to solutions are different in nature. We are not traditional vendors looking only at profit or financial viability.

We are smart enough to understand that any work that satisfies our customers get rewarded in the longer term – we work for a good product not a good profit – the profits take care of themselves when we have a good product.

Our approach will be one of creativity; understanding your longer term goals and objectives; our core questions are perpetual: how can we make your life simpler, profitable, and ensure your associates and customers have the best tools for the job.

We have our eyes and ears open to partner for mutual growth. Trust us when we tell you, the future of leisure management is already here – and growing fast with you.

Our Key Strategic Drivers

  • Make life simple

    Our core goal is to make your life as easy and simple as possible.

  • Elegance

    All our solutions are elegant and top quality.

  • For All Users

    Easy to use by all echelons of users – from newbies to power users.

  • Power

    A most powerful solution that leads the globe in design.

  • Scalability

    From a single small site to multiple sites covering many geographical areas.

  • Easy to Support

    A solution that is robust and does not take hours to fix or support – a simple design that is robust with a long term design strategy.

  • Empathy and Understanding

    We ensure that we understand your pains – so that we are able to find solutions to make them go away – more importantly, make you happy.


Building a relationship based on trust from ground up

We believe that most important aspect of any solution is to ensure proper communications and adequate training. This gives all users an optimal understanding of the processes and the correct use of tools to achieve the best possible outcome for the company and for your guests.

The Paradigm Shift team has grown over the years in order to ensure that we are always available to help your team maximize the potential of the solutions that we provide.

Our team likely has the greatest level of practical and technical experience in the Asian leisure software industry. All of our team members at some stage in their professional career have been trainees and users of competitive systems. This has allowed them to fully understand what users are going through.