Simplifying your members’ retail experience – Retail Management for your retail outlets

e-POS supports many types of point-of-sale hardware including touch-screen POS and has been designed to handle inventory related cashiering operations in the most efficient manner. Our solution can handle multiple retail stores on a single system with simple retail inventory tracking and ordering built in.


  • Pro Shop
  • Other Retail
  • Member Services
  • Loyalty redemption


Discounts per item, group, guest, type of guest, specials, etc. with support for multi-tiered tax schemes, payments in multiple currencies and multiple payment methods, multiple and unlimited configurable payment methods, All receipts can be completely customized to suit individual customer or member status, time of year etc., Multiple Discount methods, Tips & Commissions, Combine, Split, Void and Reprint Checks amongst its other impressive characteristics.

Inventory Management Built-In

A complete inventory package perfectly suited to retail operations, e-Inventory has the ability that is commonly found in high-end Inventory management solutions. e-Inventory provides you with the ability to analyse sales in a proactive way. From an inventory management perspective, e-Inventory contains enough functionality to ensure that even a very sophisticated multiple site retail operation can easily maintain both retail and service inventory.

We will make your Sommeliers’, purchasing office, inventory clerks, your retail store clerks and accounting team’s work so much easier. Your cashiers will thank you for the ability to close their shifts with minimal hassle. Proactive check and receipt management module allows management to highlight and track individual check based on a set of filters for any given time period.

All our POS systems allow the ability to track sales by any individual associate, and further are able to assign more than one person getting commissions or gratuities per transaction or per line item on the check.

Our systems can run any printer supported by the Microsoft™ Windows Operating System. We recommend Star TSP143 thermal printers for speed and reliability if you are looking for smaller outlet printers.