Leave the technical bits to us… We leave you to do what you do best and take the pain of deployment away from you…

A turnkey software solution provides a solution that is complete, from planning, hardware, training, deployment and maintenance. Basically you give us the “go-ahead” and you just have to be part of the training in order to start your business operations.

We can do everything from the initial planning, to the hardware procurement and deployment. If you are a hotel or an complex organisation, we can also work with you to undertake additional system selections and integration planning for all facets of your operations.

Key Benefits of implementing turnkey software solutions include:

  • Comprehensive

    Use of all our knowledge and resources – hardware, solution and planning & procurement, removing all pain of deployment from our customers.

  • Your Involvement

    Our “turn-key” solutions involve the full involvement of our customers throughout the whole time.

  • Cost Savings

    Since we know what is required and do this for a living, we can reduce time and cost, and provide an easy-to-use total IT Solution for a business entity.

  • Peace of Mind

    Easy to implement, operate and maintain over time – you just run your business, we will handle the technical parts.