Powerful Membership Club and other community based management

e-Club is one of the easiest solutions in the market and growing. It is simply everything you need to manage your membership club.
Designed to be easy to use, yet one of the most sophisticated solutions in the industry, our membership portal contains detailed information about your member, guest or prospect.Designed by strong user feedback and with substantial experience, e-Club allows you to provide granular control on almost all aspects of your club management across your whole enterprise.

The e-club Advantage

Comprehensive Details

  • Fully searchable User definable fields
  • Multiple Address
  • Easy Routing and Charging
  • Interest’s, preferences etc granularly tracked
  • Automatic triggers for birthdays and important dates
  • Member / Guest photographs & Signature

Detailed Guest Tracking

  • Detail spending history, F&B / Retail / Other / Activities
  • Integrate with third party systems and import and consolidated reports
  • See in real time current & future activity Appointments/Schedules everywhere across your property
  • Vouchers, pre-payment, gift certificates can effortlessly be tracked for members

Fully integrated restaurant management & retail POS

Our e-Club membership management solution is a totally integrated solution, supporting all aspects of your membership club including Point of Sales. If you have retail stores, spa and activities, golf membership or any other membership entity with restaurants, cafes and other internally run or concession retail outlets, we have a totally integrated solution that takes your member and guest recognition to a new level. Supporting contact-less cards, and if you want, bio-metrics, or the tried and tested simple magnetic swipe cards, we support all types of customer identification.

If you are a membership club that have our recommended Micros POS solution in place for your restaurant operations, we have interfaces in place between Micros POS and our complete solution range. You will be impressed with out flexibility in meeting with your needs.

Membership solution for your operations

(Spa, Golf or Members only clubs)

If you have a spa or multiple spa’s that support membership, we have a strongly integrated solution for you. With a completely integrated membership solution into your spa operations, that literally do not have any equal in the industry. Connect with us and have a look to see the difference.

If you have a Golf club with a membership aspect, we will impress you with our integrated solution for your operations.

If you are a members only club, we have solutions for your different operations that will change your members lives for the better.

Give us a call…. you have everything to gain.

Smartphone, iPad & Tablet Support 

We already have solutions using iOS and Android for iPad and iPhone and of course support for a different range of smartphones and tablets. We would be happy to advise you on what would work best for your particular scenario.

Web Technology Support

e-Club is fully web enabled. You can deploy your own member portals to make it easy for members and their guests to change their details, check their transactions, make and change reservations. Make your lives easier by reducing phone calls and manpower, yet providing your members with greater convenience and flexibility.

Other Services