Having your own web portals for your members and guests

With the advent of Smartphones and ubiquitous internet availability, customers are now looking for the convenience of real-time availability and reservations.

Be it golf, spa, table or yoga class or other activity, your customers want the convenience of immediate reservations without having to pick up the phone and dial a number. The same goes for situations where customers would like to change a reservation time, or details.

The convenience of having an on-line, real-time web presence and a reservations engine is key to success. Gone are the days when you have to man your phones all day and ensure that you check your voice mails in the morning for customers wishing to make and amend reservations or ask for details.

Today, your members and guest only need access to the Internet, on multiple devices; from an iPhone, Android phone, Windows Phone, or any phone with a browser and an internet connection. From iPads, to tablets and slates that support different operating systems and different browsing experiences, all of these are supported.

Take advantage of some of the benefits of online reservations to save both time and money, to make life stress-free for you and your customers.


One major advantage of booking online is the convenience. Being able to make all your reservations on the Internet means you can do it any time of the day or night at home, or while you’re on your lunch break at the office.

Customers on the go can even make reservations on their smartphones or tablets. There’s no need for lengthy phone calls or visits to a location — with just a few minutes and a click of the mouse, you’ll have all your plans finalized and confirmed!

Reduced Cost Of Operations

Web reservations are available to the customer 24x7x365. Meaning, your customer is able to make or change a booking at any time, day or night; and it will be reflected in real-time at the office. It will save you having to keep more associates to man the phones, and also take away the distraction of talking to a prospective customer looking for reservations while a real-customer is standing in front of you waiting while you get off the phone.

Increased Revenues

Most customers or guests want the convenience of not having to call the outlet to make reservations and also be able to check availability on their own, in their own comfort without having to let other people around them listening to their conversations. By having a web portal, it changes the dynamics and allows more people to make reservations and fill in those empty time slots in the morning or those slots that are hardly filled because it is too early or too late or just the wrong time.

Changes And Cancellations

With an online presence, it is simple for customers to change or cancel online reservations. Instead of calling your outlet and waiting for a customer service representative to help you through the process, booking online means you can do it wherever you have Internet access.

Modules That We Have For You

  • Spa Reservations Engine
  • Golf Reservations Engine
  • Activities Reservations Engine
  • Table Reservations for Restaurants
  • Member Portal Engine – Membership Details and Membership support

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