Paradigm Shift Group, affiliates or subsidiaries confirm that:

  • Our company and its associates have understanding and certification of complex interfaces ranging from PMS solutions to other third party software and hardware OR has resources capable of integrating to multiple different systems simultaneously.
  • Our company has successfully deployed multiple large value sites for many years, since 2005, within the Asia Pacific region which include casinos and integrated resorts, and customers that have large monumental interconnected sites and services sprawling across metropolitan areas to small isolated island sites in hard to reach areas of the world.
  • Our solutions have been designed with a strong level of robustness and reliability to support small to very large sites using best of class tools and knowledge.
  • It has the capability to be installed as an SaaS (software as a service, hosted model) or as an on-premise installation.
  • Paradigm Shift Group has undertaken projects of a high calibre including large projects in Macau, Japan, Australia and Guam and has the capability and capacity to handle complex implementations in a professional and successful manner.